5 Items interstate moving companies won’t move

As you are already aware, the relocation project is extremely difficult to complete. However, this process can be even more complex if you are planning on moving to another state. In that case, you need to learn how to prepare for the move. Also, you must find out how to get your belongings ready for a transfer, find movers, etc. Apart from that, you need to find out what items you can’t take with you wherever you want to move out of the state. Still, the best way to learn more about that is to ask professionals for help. Anyhow, before you walk through this subject with your movers, keep reading this text. Here, you will discover which 5 items interstate moving companies won’t move for you!

Thanks to those tips, you will know exactly what you are taking with you to another state. And, of course, you’ll know what you need to leave behind. Knowing that can also help you handle the things to do before movers arrive. Those are, for sure, moving preparations and a bunch of other things. Once you take care of all that stuff, you will have everything you require to perform this move and safely transfer your beloved items to a new home whenever and wherever you want. 

House plants are items interstate moving companies won't move for you.
First things first, plants!

1 – Plants are some of the items interstate moving companies won’t move

Well, it is possible to move plants to another location if you are relocating somewhere in the city you are currently living in or a nearby city. But if you are planning on crossing a long distance, it is not recommendable to transfer plants. You see, movers might not mind, but your plants won’t be ready to move. They will need proper protection, safer transfer, etc. Therefore, for the sake of your plants, you should think through this idea! 

You see, in the end, pretty much everything depends on the movers with whom you are working. That’s why, wherever you want to relocate, this is something you need to discuss with your relocators. So, for instance, if you are planning on working with some of the most reliable interstate moving professionals in New Jersey, you need to learn how to find the best fit. To achieve that, be ready to check out numerous companies, discover what they have to offer, learn more about their plans for transferring specific items to another state, etc. Thanks to that search, you will be able to find yourself the most suitable movers in NJ for the upcoming interstate moving job.

2 – Flammable items

If you want to bring those things with you to another location, pack them carefully for a move. Keep that in mind because movers will not relocate them for you. So, if you are planning on relocating batteries, ammunition, lighter fluid, and similar stuff, remember that relocating professionals won’t help you transfer that to another state. Those items are dangerous to transport, so movers won’t let you carry them. 

Instead, hire them to safely move other stuff for you. Let them take care of the relocation of your clothing, furniture, etc. While they take care of that, you can learn how to handle the stress of moving, prepare for unpacking, etc.

Jewellery box.
Jewelry, memorabilia, and other valuable pieces to you are some of the items interstate moving companies won’t move!

3 – Priceless objects, important documents, heirlooms, memorabilia, etc.

Movers will likely decline to relocate that sort of delicate stuff to another state for you. Those pieces are way too significant to be trusted by someone else. So, instead, you’d better handle their transfer to another state on your own. Therefore, take your time to learn how to pack valuables the right way, how to accurately protect them for a move, etc. 

On the other hand, if you are planning on moving some artwork and antiques, old furniture, and similar things, movers will be happy to help. They are skilled, and they have appropriate packing materials at their disposal, so you can be certain those possessions will safely arrive in your new location. 

4 – Food and drinks are also something interstate moving companies won’t move for you

When packing up your kitchen for a move, you shouldn’t pack your food and beverages for relocation. Instead, prepare a few meals and have them with you during the entire moving time. Or, eat along the way. You see, movers won’t let you move your food and beverages to another state. Those items are perishable because food can easily rot, drinks can spill, etc. In other words, movers don’t want to deal with all of that. So, instead, if you don’t know what to do with that food before the move, you can opt for throwing it out. Or you can donate it to a local food bank, give it to someone, etc.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why movers won’t move food and beverages with you to another state. Therefore, you should know that those are some of the things to have with you when moving long distance. And if you are crossing a long distance to reach your new home or office, you need to do your best to prepare your food on your own for a move. In that case, you will require some tips that will help you keep those meals safe and sound regardless of the distance you are planning on crossing to reach your new home!

Signs of danger.
Movers also won’t move hazardous materials to another location!

5 – Well, you can’t bring dangerous materials to another state too

Movers also won’t allow you to take those things out of the state, no matter how far you are planning on relocating. Therefore, you can forget to bring with you chemicals, poisons, pesticides, insecticides, and other fluids to another location. Those items won’t be moved by interstate moving companies, so you better not bother asking them for such services. Instead, get rid of them properly because you can easily get them after you relocate.

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