7 reasons to move to Weehawken in 2022

Have you considered moving but are hesitant for some reason? It is not easy to decide where to move, but don’t worry. If you have decided to move to Weehawken, you are not wrong. The beauties of this city will surely fascinate you, so don’t let the moving process ruin the first days of living there for you. We have decided to bring many of its benefits to you so stick with us.

Top reasons to move to Weehawken

You can move with your family or move your company you just started, this city is the right choice. It has a good reputation for many reasons. We will list some of them to encourage you to make the right decision:

Hudson River is waiting for you if you move to Weehawken

#1 Peaceful area

Are you tired of the noise of big cities? If so, you are not the only one. Many people today are trying to escape from the big cities, but also to keep the benefits that these cities offer. That’s why Weehawken is a good option. This city is trying to ban high-rise construction in order to preserve the peace and quiet that is very rare today. If you are a person that likes peaceful areas local experts can assist you with your move to this beautiful city. You will like it for sure.

#2 Close proximity to NY

NY is a highly desirable location for going out and having fun. But the high cost of housing, as well as the constant crowds and noise, are repulsive to many people. That’s why Weehawken is a great option. Due to its proximity to NY, you can visit Manhattan whenever you want and just return to the quieter parts where you live later.

#3 Beautiful parks and nature

If you have a family, this city is a great option for you. Weehawken boasts extensive green areas and beautiful parks. Going out with children or for a walk is the most beautiful thing in these parts. Also, if you are into running, there is no better place to do it than this city.

#4 Great restaurants

Many people are afraid of moving to smaller places, thinking that it will be difficult for them to find good shops or restaurants. Don’t think that it will be a problem for you to find delicious food in this city. Weehawken boasts many good bars and restaurants that are perfect for having a good time. Going out here makes you feel like you are somewhere on vacation.

There are a lot of parks in this city

#5 Quality public transport

Good infrastructure is perhaps most important when looking at urban development. Is this city well connected to NY or not? The answer is yes, it is. Although the Lincoln Tunnel can be crowded at times, this is not too much of a problem. There are many public transport options that operate non-stop and make commuting easier. When it comes to moving, no matter if it’s interstate or local, finding your way through the traffic won’t be a problem.

#6 Hudson river

Many people would give everything in the world to have a nice outing to the river where they can enjoy the beautiful water. If you decide to move to Weehawken that will no longer be a dream. A lot of places are near the Hudson river but this city has the most peaceful yet well-organized Hudson area. You will love it.

#7 Low renting prices

The problem with big cities is the rising price of real estate. If you want to be more economical and still enjoy, Weehawken is the right option. Rental prices are much lower than in NY but you have all the benefits. And when it comes to moving, contacting experts from teddymoving.com will save you money for sure. Doing things on your own is not always the best option if you are looking to save money.

Tips on how to pack properly

Life in the new city should be as beautiful as it can be for you. So don’t let relocation ruin everything for you. No matter if you are trying to move locally or it’s a long-distance move, stay prepared.

move to Weehawken can be easy
Moving can actually be a lot of fun

Here are some tips to help you move as efficiently as possible:

  • Get rid of excess belongings; Have you ever wanted to get rid of unnecessary things but you always procrastinated. Moving is the right time for that. Take a large box and go through every room in the house. Put everything you think is unnecessary in the box. Later, either sell those things online or throw them away. That way, your new home will be much cleaner and more beautiful.
  • Pack properly; Good materials are very important when moving. But don’t waste money on new boxes. Instead, go to a nearby furniture store. They probably have a surplus of boxes that they don’t need. When packing, be careful not to leave any empty space. This will reduce the chance of something breaking or wrinkling.
  • Have a bag of essentials; Don’t allow yourself not to have something that is very important along the way. So pay attention to what you pack and what you might need while on the road. It would be best to set aside one bag for the most necessary things. Put medicine, water, spare clothes and everything you might need in it.

All the stated above makes it much easier for you to move. But there is more. Consider renting storage. This would make everything run more smoothly for you and help you be more flexible during the move. Also, one of the most important benefits of storage is security. If you rent a warehouse, the chances of something happening to your furniture are zero.


You will love living in this city. Your plans to move to Weehawken shouldn’t be hindered by minor inconveniences. Moving does not have to be stressful and demanding. Everything is in good organization. Make a list and try to follow it as you progress. And don’t forget, invite your friends. Let them help you with the move and then organize a celebration. That way you will be glad when you remember this period of your life. Good luck!

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