Affordable neighborhoods in Hoboken that will take your breath away

Hoboken is a very popular moving destination for Americans. There are plenty of reasons to move to Hoboken. Amazing housing, plenty of things to do, great neighborhoods. These are things to be said about Hoboken. And if this is exactly what attracts you to move to Hoboken, you came to the right place. Among all the amazing neighborhoods in Hoboken, some are cheaper than others. And we decided to tell you about the most affordable neighborhoods in Hoboken so that if you were planning on moving here, you know where to search for a home.

How expensive is Hoboken in the first place?

Hoboken is a very expensive city if you ask us. At least when it comes to real estate, which is surely something you are most interested in, knowing more about it as you are thinking about moving to Hoboken with for example.

The interior of a house in one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Hoboken.
Living in Hoboken pays off as it is an amazing city to live in.

Housing is expensive. The median price for a home in Hoboken is around $710,000. This is a lot of money to pay for a home. Especially considering the fact that you also have to furnish it. This is why a lot of people in Hoboken turn to renting a home. And if you are moving to Hoboken for the first time, you are probably doing so too.

Most affordable neighborhoods in Hoboken

Monroe Street is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Hoboken, if not the most affordable. This is a very big neighborhood for this reason and a lot of people live here. This is a very urban neighborhood. There are plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants here as a lot of young people live here. You will surely need some apartment-hunting tips.

Hoboken at night.
Hoboken has a couple of affordable neighborhoods.

Hudson Street is by some considered to be an even cheaper neighborhood. It is located in the center of the city of Hoboken. This means that you will have all you need in your surroundings if you decide to move to Hudson Street. A very convenient way to prepare for moving to Hoboken is to move to an affordable neighborhood. You can plan out your relocation in advance and save up a lot of money until the time to move to Hoboken has come.

Jefferson Street

Last but certainly not least would be Jefferson Street. This is one of the best neighborhoods in Hoboken and is one of the most affordable ones. It is almost located in the center of the city but it isn’t. This makes it a perfect place for people with children.

Most people who live here are renting their homes. Rent will cost you around $4,000 a month in Jefferson Street. But you will be able to find some amazing homes for this amount of money. Bear in mind that finding a job in Hoboken is easy as there are plenty of businesses everywhere.

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