Cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken

There is no place like New Jersey. The beautiful northern state at the crossroad between New York State, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Delaware River, is the perfect place for life. Known for its beautiful beaches, busy roads, great food, and diverse culture. This country has a lot to praise. The main vein of the state is the Hudson River, the source of life and driver of development. Many large cities were built around this river such as New York City, Hudson, Jersey City, and Hoboken. Hoboken is a city on a Hudson river in Hudson Country, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, now known for its rich nightlife. If you are looking for a place to stay, think about the cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken.

Mile Square City

Hoboken comes from the original Lenape name for “Hobocan Hacking” or “land of the tobacco pipe”, and among many nicknames, today is known as the “Mile Square City“. Although it seems unnecessary to be separated away from the excitement and vibrant energy of New York City, a trip across the Hudson to Hoboken, will be your best decision. It will dazzle you with unique bites, delicious drinks, and the best Manhattan views in the area. This city is pretty much tourist-free and that will give you a chance to enjoy all of its pulchritude without unnecessary fuss.

Building in one of cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken.
Charming Hoboken is a perfect place to be

The population of Hoboken is around 53.000 constant residents. The city dates from the 17th century when was Pavonia, in new Netherland. Hoboken is a place where the first officially recorded game of baseball took place and the proud owner of one of the oldest technological universities in the United States. These are enough reasons to awaken your desire to live here. A city that is urban but with a great history. Quiet and small city a step away from megalopolis like NYC. You can easily find your home in one of the neighborhoods of Hoboken.

Just a step away

Hoboken is one of the safest places to live in New Jersey which implies that is a good place for family. The cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken will give you the best they can offer, depending on your intentions. Choosing a location is never an easy cause but it is important.  When you choose real estate think about your needs:

  • Job preferences – If your plan is to work in Manhattan, or some other part of New York City, it is important to be well connected by transport with the required destination. The best choice is to take a flat close to the subway.
  • Just living your life – If you just want to enjoy your life there, take a flat near a ferry so you enjoy a view of the Hudson every day. The mean thing is that parking is cheap for people who live there, but it is really hard to find a free parking spot. When looking for a suitable residence, try to get yourself a flat with private parking spots.

Charming neighborhoods of Hoboken

This is a pretty little spot to be. The cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken are located around a couple of important streets. There are few neighborhoods in Hoboken that stand out:

  • Bloomfield – Beautiful neighborhood with so much to offer. You can visit Brookdale or Brookside Park if you love nature. If you are a fan of history you will be entertained by the Historical Society of Bloomfield or if you are feeling like a survivor you can try some of the Escape rooms all around the street.
  • Pier Park – Pier a park offers space for picnics, fishing, or strolls. Did we mention that Pier is literally on the water? If you love long walks and sunsets on the waterfronts this will be a great neighborhood for you. It is cozy and charming.
  • South Central Hoboken – Hoboken is a city that will offer you a nice sunny day Waterfront walkway, with is a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. You can have a Hudson River Waterfront Walkway or a Food tour around this city, and both options are good.
  • Sinatra Drive – Let just say, that you can find some great bakery around the corner besides all the wonderful things this neighborhood has to offer.
Hudson Yard
Life near the river can be beautiful

During the night, there are clubs that are rocking all night long. After all, Hoboken is a place of breweries in the USA, so it is not a surprise the number of taverns that exist there with so many different craft beers. After all, if you don’t like that you can always jump down to the subway and get to Manhattan in few minutes. Broadway musical and the best shopping places in the USA are located there. Hoboken is the American capital of hipsters. A large youth population between 24 and 30 years old with bachelor’s degrees is responsible for this.

Everyone wants a piece of Hoboken

Taking everything into account, Hoboken is a great location to start anything you want, a company, a family, or something other than this. The location will give you the opportunity to make large progress and a chance to fulfill your dreams. The cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken will be your oasis just a few miles from New York City sound like a great place for living. Of course, Master Moving Guide will be the best partner if you decide that you want to move here. Pack your bags and come to enjoy.

Living in Hoboken

Hoboken is located on that kind of geographical length and width so it can experience all four seasons. From high temperature during summer to no so cold winters, but snowy ones. Also, a lot of rainfall down to Hoboken.

Bike on the street in one of cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken
Enjoy your new neighborhood

The cost of living is high. It is expensive. Everything is above the national average. From transportation that is 30% more expensive to some goods and services that are almost 50% above the national average. All these high costs come with a reason. Hoboken is as stated before, one of the safest places to live in America. Jobs are easy to find and median household income higher than average in the USA.

Public and private schools in Hoboken well known and one of the best in America. There are a total of thirty-six (36) schools. The best private school in New Jersey is located in Hoboken. Besides schools, there is a large number of colleges and universities nearby. Hoboken itself is home to the Stevens Institute of Technology, a highly respected private research university.

When all this is taken into account, it will be pretty clear why millennials love Hoboken and why this is a place where you want to move to and start your new life. The cozy and charming neighborhoods of Hoboken will give you a warm welcome hug, be sure of that. Pack your bags and start an exciting journey, right now.

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