From Washington DC to Jersey City – family moves and how to organize them

Moving with a family might sound like an easy task to some of you but it really isn’t. Relocation from one city to another one in a different state is a big challenge. You have to take care of a lot of things and you have to do plenty of preparing and planning for this process. Organizing a family move is a task you surely need assistance with. You can always hire a professional moving company to handle everything regarding the relocation but not a lot of people have the money for such a service. And if that is the case with you or you simply don’t want to let somebody else handle the organization of your family move from Washington DC to Jersey City, this is the article for you. As a professional moving company, we have gathered all the tips we believe you need to know in order to handle a long-distance family move as well as that is possible. Listening to these tips will ensure you a stress-free long-distance relocation with your family.

The first rule of organizing – start on time

The first thing you must do when organizing a family relocation from Washington DC to Jersey City is to make sure that you start organizing your move on time. Organizing a move is a long process when moving from one state to another is in question. It can take you weeks to organize this long-distance move completely which is why you’re much better off starting on time.

Book on table with plan.
Planning never takes the same amount of time so make sure you have enough of it.

As you never know just how much time you are going to need, it is best to start preparing and organizing as soon as you know you will be having a family relocation with This way you will surely have enough time to get everything done right on time. And managing to do so surely results in having a stress-free relocation.

Plus, doing anything last-minute is not a good idea at all. When something is done in a hurry it rarely is done well. This means that if you leave the planning of the relocation for just a few weeks before the move, the end result won’t be a good one.

Make your plan as detailed as it is possible

Moving from Washington DC to Jersey City is a big move to have which means that a lot of things are moving-related. And as that is the case, you have to make sure that your plan has as much detail as that is possible. Even the smallest things regarding the move count and should find their spot on the plan.

Planning a move.
Make your move as detailed as possible.

One of the most important things to have in your moving plan surely is a moving budget. Moving such long distances with a family will definitely cost a lot of money no matter whether you team up with trained professionals or not. But we always suggest doing so. And in order to afford these services, you need money. For a big long-distance relocation such as this one, you might need more money than you expected. This is why a moving budget is a must-have.

You also need to include all other moving-related information in your plan. The possible dates of the move, the moving companies you are considering hiring, how much packing supplies will be needed, what are some donation centers you can donate old clothing in, and so on and so on. There are so many things that moving brings hence why having a plan is very important so you don’t get lost in all the tasks.

How to create a moving budget?

We mentioned just how important the moving budget is and why you need to include it in your moving plan. But do you know just how to set a realistic moving budget? If not, no need to worry as we have tips for this as well.

You first need to start searching for possible moving companies to hire for the relocation. This will allow you to get a moving estimate for your move from a couple of companies. After you do this, you just need to compare the estimated prices. This will help you with both setting the moving budget and picking a moving company to hire for the move. This is the first step to having a successful moving day.

wooden house on calculator.
You have to set a realistic budget.

No matter how big of an estimate you get, it is always best to have saved at least 30% more of the sum that you have been given. This is just because these estimates are not the best and you never know which hidden moving costs might appear along the way.

Other moving expenses to cover

Have in mind that there are other things you need to pay for when moving from one home to another. And especially when moving from Washington DC to Jersey City. You need to pay for packing supplies. This isn’t a big expense but still is one.

One of the biggest expenses you will have to cover is shipping your car if not using it to travel from Washington DC to Jersey City with your family. Even if you are using it to travel this distance, you still need to pay for gas. If shipping your car, you have to find a way to relocate yourself and the rest of your family from Washington DC to Jersey City. You will most likely be traveling by plane. This means you surely need a lot of money for the tickets. Especially if moving with a large family. Plane tickets are not cheap.

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