Guide to making more storage space in your bathroom

Since you’re reading this article we can assume you’re in need of some extra space in your bathroom. We’ll gladly help you with that. Having a small apartment is one thing, having a small bathroom is another. Although, to be honest – they go hand in hand in most cases. There’s no need to overemphasize the fact you always need additional space in your bathroom. In the article below we’ll show you how to free up some space and produce more storage space in your bathroom. Stick around for some helpful tips and tricks.

Add hooks to your bathroom wall

You might already know this trick but it’s for the best we mention it anyway. Sometimes the best solution is the obvious one. Adding hooks both high and low to your bathroom wall can free you up some much-needed space. Attach two parallel hooks and put a basket up there, for example.

A tiny bathroom.
Make the most out of your tiny bathroom space.

Install an over-the-door shelf and provide more storage space in your bathroom

This one’s not so ordinary. Look around your bathroom. Do you see some free wall space you’d never imagine putting to use? Using up the space over your bathroom door is definitely something you need to do. Putting a basket with dirty laundry or fresh towels over there is a friendly suggestion. That will certainly save you up some space.

Toilet paper issue

Although it’s not a big space consumer toilet paper can still be in your way. Add a nice basket on top of the toilet and put the paper rolls in there. It may sound funny, but it gets the job done. It looks kind of cool, too. Also, toilet paper will never be out of your reach. That’s the most important part. Now, that’s some toilet humor for you. Okay, enough of that… Let’s continue.

Rolls of toilet paper.
Putting a basket with paper rolls on top of the toilet will make your everyday life easier.

Use the back of your cabinet doors

Don’t forget about your bathroom cabinet door. Add some space-saving bins to the back of the door. Use them to store flat irons, blow dryers, brushes, etc. It will make your life easier, we guarantee it. We’re safe to assume you never would’ve guessed this one. Sorry if we’re wrong.

Install a second shower rod

This one will also save you some space. Is your shower filled with shampoos and conditioners? Install a second shower rod, put some hooks on and attach little baskets for your shower material.

A quick resume on making more storage space in your bathroom

So, there you have it. These were some of the ways you can free up some space in your bathroom. Let’s name a few that we’ve mentioned:

  • Adding hooks to your bathroom walls is a nice way to free some space
  • Installing an over-the-door shelf is sometimes a life-saver
  • Arrange a toilet paper basket so it never goes out of your reach
  • Use the back of your bathroom cabinet door to free additional space
  • Install a second shower rod so you can hook up your shower products

Hopefully, this list was helpful to your new bathroom arrangement plans. Having more storage space in your bathroom will make your life a bit easier. Best of luck.

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