How to choose the best location for a family home in New Jersey

Are you dreaming about a family home in New Jersey? Many people do, but choosing the right location for you is not as easy. There are many great locations but you will need to research well before even calling a realtor and starting house hunting.

The most popular neighborhood for a family home in New Jersey

You can start your research here. North Arlington is a suburb with 15,800 residents in Bergen County. As you well know Bergen County is the state’s most populous county and maybe the best one for raising a family. North Arlington is a desirable neighborhood to call home and many families will tell you that this is the right place to start your research. This part of New Jersey is also great for small businesses.

A dog in the middle of a street where you can find a family home in New Jersey.
This is also a great place for pet owners.

The convenience factor

Getting engaged is a lot like buying a new house. The tiny things that at first didn’t bother you much are starting to really grate on your nerves now. A boring and long commute may not seem like a big inconvenience at first, but if you have to spend several hours in the car each week, the location of your dream home may not be that great after all.

Schools, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, shops, freeways, and public transit should all be taken into account when choosing a neighborhood. See if traffic congestion is a typical issue by visiting the area on weekdays and weekends. New Jersey is one of the best states for young professionals so closeness to those amazing jobs is an important factor.

Amenities are also important

Many homebuyers put a neighborhood’s facilities in the top spot when making their decision. Factors such as neighborhood block parties, walking trails, community gardens, and swimming pools can influence a buyer’s decision. Look for communities that welcome newcomers. You need the ones that encourage interaction among residents. Surely you would like to meet your new neighbors. Maybe even befriend them?

Research schools nearby before picking a family home in New Jersey

One factor in determining a community’s desirability is the standard of its schools. You should research the local education department (schools) even if you don’t have or plan to have any children. If you ever choose to sell your home, you’ll be glad you chose a neighborhood with high-quality schools. If you are moving here with your kids make sure to enlist the help of skilled people to help you with unpacking and settling in.

A classroom in New Jersey
You want your kids to be near the best schools.

Take a walk

Not all communities can be judged by a quick drive through the roads on the way to see a house for sale. Taking a stroll about the area will help you determine if you would feel at ease living there. During your stroll, you may run into several locals. Many of them will gladly fill you in on what life is like there. The best way to find out if a neighborhood is good for you is to go to a community event.

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