How to create a floor plan for your move

When faced with a move, you must consider changes in your life and living areas. For example, you must rearrange your furniture and decorations to fit your new living space. You will be faced with this if you are moving to a bigger or smaller space than your current home. That is why we asked our experts from Hoboken Moving Company to help us out, and we came up with this guide. So, let’s see how to create a floor plan for your move!

Why create a floor plan for your move?

You can determine what furniture you should relocate or leave out with the aid of a decent floor plan. Moving everything you possess is a labor-intensive and expensive undertaking. Some things are simply not worth the hassle. Relocating the old furniture is pointless if it won’t fit through the doorway or takes up much more room than you anticipated. Give away or sell any undesirable stuff to get rid of them. Your moving company might charge you more money if you need to transfer large items. You can ask moving companies like Movers 201 to give you free quotes for your move, so you will know how much will everything cost.┬áConsider this before deciding to use your previous bed or a large wardrobe in your new home.

Floor plan drawing
Creating a floor plan will prove to be very useful when planning what to move and what to get rid of!

How to create a floor plan for your move?

Instead of learning complicated 3D software, try the tried-and-true method of graph paper, a ruler, a pencil, and thin cardboard rather than using contemporary web resources. If you enjoy using modern technology, you can create a floor plan for your move using readily available online tools and smartphone apps. However, it appears that the manual, time-tested method of creating the floor layout is preferred by most individuals. Start estimating the space you will have for a living when you visit your new house. On graph paper, sketch each room and indicate its measurements. Decide on the function of each room after thoroughly inspecting the entire area.

Modern kitchen
Thoroughly inspect all of the rooms if you want to create a floor plan for your move!

Each room’s length and width should be measured against a wall. In order to determine where to place devices that require an electrical supply, make a note of the locations of fixed things in the room. Those things include:

  • Light switches
  • Vents
  • Cables
  • Pipe

You can determine the ideal placement for each piece of furniture by keeping in mind the size and shape of the pieces. Avoid packing the room with too much furniture while placing it there, or ask your movers to keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that there are some items that moving companies won’t move, so make sure to get rid of those items. Additionally, make sure that each item is simple to reach. At all costs, avoid attempting to fit all of your possessions. Additionally, try not to undervalue the value of open space.

In conclusion

The process of moving may be exciting and fun, especially when you need to create a floor plan for your move. You are free to put all of your creative energy and ideas to use in making your new location seem like home. Additionally, a lack of a floor plan on a moving day may result in extra charges because it takes time and money to move the furniture around until it is in the proper location.


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