Is New Jersey better than NYC for kids?

New York City has the reputation of being the best city in the world. But, that means that prices there are high, crowds are big, and safety is not guaranteed. Is that a place you want to raise your kids in? Probably not. So, although NYC comes with some great benefits, it is not suitable for children. Thus, if you can choose, choose New Jersey instead. It is still close and it comes with many kid-friendly features. Keep on reading to see is New Jersey better than NYC for kids or not, according to us.

Everything is Much Cheaper

It goes without saying that NYC is one of the most expensive places in the world. Everything there comes with a hefty price tag – rents, bills, groceries, transportation, and all other everyday needs. For example, a studio apartment costs around $2000 a month. So, if you cannot afford that generous NYC lifestyle, find assistance for your NJ move online and move as soon as possible. For, $2000 a month in NJ, you can get a one-bedroom apartment, pay all the bills, buy groceries, and still have something left. Most importantly, New Jersey will allow you to save money and use it for your children’s needs. Thus, if you were wondering is New Jersey better than NYC, when it comes to pricing, it definitely is! 

A mother and her daughter kissing.
New Jersey will offer you a more comfortable lifestyle for you and your kids. Alt.tag: Mother and daughter kissing.

New Jersey is More Kid-friendly

As previously mentioned, New York, although a great place to live, can be crowded, unsafe, and mainly suitable for adults. On the other side, New Jersey is the complete opposite – you will be looking forward to moving house with a large family there. It has more schools, a better education system, safe family neighborhoods, and many kid-friendly places. There are diners, restaurants, coffee shops, etc, made for families with children of all ages. But, not only that, NJ has numerous parks, museums, outdoor areas, and some of the most beautiful beaches the entire family can enjoy. Hopefully, this can answer your question – is New Jersey better than NYC for kids.

A father taking a walk with his child in the arms and wondering - is New Jersey better than NYC for kids?
Is New Jersey better than NYC for kids – Of course! Alt.tag. A father carrying his son on the beach.

There Are no Crowds

New York is visited by millions of tourists every single day. So, walking through all those crowds on your way to pick up the kids from school or buy groceries is not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Moreover, it is not safe either. So, that is another reason why NJ wins. It is simply a better place to raise children as it allows families to sit down and relax. Yes, NJ is also a big city, but with fewer crowds and tourists. City life there is simply more enjoyable – it has all the benefits of a metropolitan city, but far less noise, traffic, and busy people. Moving locally with your family in NJ can be a piece of cake too. So, if you like what you hear, call your movers.

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