Most family-friendly moving companies in New Jersey

Finding family-friendly moving companies in New Jersey is not so hard. There are plenty of good ones. But finding them and choosing which one is the best for you (and your family is not so easy). That’s why we are here – to help you out. We will also try to help you out by sharing some tips and tricks on relocations with kids. Also, you will be able to read more about services movers are offering in order to help families out. So, now we can begin.

Resources for finding family-friendly moving companies in New Jersey

All moving companies claim to be the best ones. This is obviously not true. Not all of them can be the best. But there are plenty of good ones in this area. But somehow when the time comes to call them you can’t find anyone right? This is a very common occurrence but luckily nowadays we have Google so we can’t find pretty much everything in a matter of minutes. You can start by downloading moving apps. Most of them can find you good local movers and you can see their ratings. This will help you to handle the stress of moving a lot because you will have someone experienced and equipped by your side.

A kid sitting at a desk and using a laptop.
You can find any information in just a few minutes so finding a good moving company will be a piece of cake.

Google will tell

All you need to do is type “best family-friendly moving companies in New Jersey” and you will get tons of results. All Jersey Movers will probably be on top of the list. If you want to get to know the moving companies you see in front of you online check their website. After that, you can check out their Google reviews. See their ratings. All that will give you a pretty good picture.

Reading the reviews to determine which moving companies are family-friendly

This will help you the most. See what people with families say about movers have to say and what they shared. Also once you are done with the moving company you choose now leave a review and share your experience. That will help others that are in the same position as you are now.

How can movers help you?

Full-service moving companies can do pretty much everything you need when it comes to relocation. The first thing you might need is some help with the packing. If you have kids chances are you have a lot of household items and clothes. And if you are in a hurry you might want to consider this service they are offering. Skilled people can assist with the task and they can help you and pack you very quickly. If you want they can bring their own packing material so you don’t have to do anything.

A woman surrounded with cardboard moving boxes feeling the stress of relocation
Packing can be very boring.

Other additional services

As we mentioned moving companies are offering those additional services in order to help families. The most common ones are packing, unpacking, assembly, junk removal, vehicle relocation, piano relocation, and senior relocation. There are many others and all of them can be very useful. Make sure to see on the website all the available services. If you have something specific and you don’t see that on their website you can call them and ask. For example, if you have a dog and you need a pet relocation service and there is not something similar listed on the website of the movers you chose simply call them and ask if they can do this for you. In many cases, they will be able to accommodate you. If not, well you tried. Luckily there are plenty of other moving companies in New Jersey nowadays who can simplify your relocation.

Top 10 family-friendly moving companies in New Jersey

This is something you need to type when researching. We already showed you one that will pop up. You will obviously find more great moving companies like for example. Sometimes the best way to see if the moving company is good enough for you is to talk to them. Websites are great and very useful but meeting people is always the best way to get to know them. A personal approach is often the best.

Moving local or long-distance?

Not all moving companies have the same specialties. Some are just for local relocations and some are long-distance moving companies. There are ones that can relocate you internationally (if you are moving to one of the top-rated cities in Saudi Arabia for example). This is something that will separate moving companies. When researching it would be wise to write what you are looking for so Google can show you the most accurate results.

A moving truck on the road.
Long-distance relocations are much harder.

Moving tips for people with kids

Before we end this journey of course we want to share some tips with you in order to help you with your upcoming relocation :

  • declutter your old home so you can make packing much easier
  • talk to your kids as soon as you find out about relocation so you can give them time to adjust
  • find the best system for packing – we believe that packing by room is always a good approach
  • vacuum bags can be a great solution if you have a lot of clothes
  • make sure to label all moving boxes
  • you can research plastic bins they can be a great replacement for regular cardboard moving boxes
  • call movers on time, don’t wait until the very last minute
  • include your kids in the packing process
  • pack fragile items separately and label them to be noticeable as much as you possibly can
  • if you don’t have the space for everything in your new home research good storage units somewhere near your new home

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