Moving to Hoboken with children

Choosing where to bring up children is difficult. On the one hand, a metropolis has a plethora of facilities, such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc., and entertainment opportunities galore. On the other hand, a deteriorated work-life balance and fast-paced life in a metropolis can impact family life negatively. If you are planning to move to a smaller city and still enjoy a metropolitan atmosphere, choose a trusted moving company and feel the life in Hoboken. So, what is it like when you are moving to Hoboken with children? 

A foreword 

Hoboken is situated in Hudson County, New Jersey. It lies on the west bank of the Hudson River, which separates it from Manhattan. It has approximately 53,000 citizens. But the latest trends show that more people are relocating there. Moreover, people with families adore this city and that is why lots of young millennials are moving to Hoboken with children.

View of Hoboken.
Enjoy the beautiful Hoboken.

Living there, you can experience all four seasons of the year. Although snow can be absolutely charming, temperatures in winter can fall making it freezing. Many Americans say that the best season in Hoboken is fall.

The price of moving to Hoboken with children

Honestly speaking, living in Hoboken is expensive. Yet, it isn’t nearly as expensive as living in Manhattan, which is very close. Hoboken is a growing city and it is only reasonable that the cost of residing there will grow in the future.

Housing costs

If you are starting over in Hoboken with children, you should check the financial data. According to the most recent stats, the average monthly rent is no lower than almost $2,000, with the fixed monthly bills surpassing $200. If you add other varying expenses, the price of groceries and supplies, the minimum you have to spend isn’t cheap at all. Should you decide to buy a property in Hoboken, you ought to be prepared to pay through the nose. Home prices are in the range of $500,000 and the mortgage payment is $5,000 a month on average. 

Job opportunities 

It goes without saying that higher prices go hand in hand with higher salaries. The average calculated salary is around $4,500 per month. And the most wanted jobs seem to be administrative assistant, software engineer, and project manager. In case these occupations suit you, moving to Hoboken with children is highly likely to pay off. 

If you are a more ambitious person aiming at the top-notch corporations, you will probably be lucky living in Hoboken and working in Manhattan. The distance between them is only four miles. That means relocating to Hoboken with a family brings a lower cost of living while working in New York City at the same time provides you with a much higher income. 

Benefits of moving to Hoboken with children

Moving to any place with kids raises up concerns about the quality of education and free-time activities for them. Everyone wants all the best for their kids. And the good news is that starting over in Hoboken with children frees you from such worries. This city boasts more than 30 pre-schools, nurseries, elementary schools, and high schools. You can find a number of both private and public ones.

Family eating out after moving to Hoboken with children.
Hoboken can be great for families with children.

As for universities, undergraduates gain considerable advantage from studying at nearby universities in New Jersey and New York as well. Furthermore, the state offers pre-kindergarten programs that are free of charge. Occasionally, waitlists are formed, so plan everything in advance and don’t lose the opportunity to apply on time. 

Millennials starting over in Hoboken with children

Hoboken has a lot of millennials. They simply love the city due to its numerous advantages. Needless to say, a great many millennials lead a hipster-like way of life. And this city is often called the new hipster capital

The key features that attract millennials are as follows:

  1. Moving to Hoboken with children ensures a peaceful upbringing as there are many parks and playgrounds.
  2. There’s no need for expensive cars, so they can walk, cycle or use public transport.
  3. The commute to Manhattan is only 15-20 minutes long.
  4. Hoboken’s small shops and neighboring Manhattan’s luxurious stores have everything they need.

Relocating to Hoboken with a family and a car

In case you are moving to Hoboken with children and a car, you might have to cope with parking as one of the critical issues in this city. It is recommended that you find a building with its own parking space or garage. Even though street parking is inexpensive, it is rather challenging to find a free lot. Also, make sure to get all the necessary local service information before moving to Hoboken and reserve the lots and signs. When relocating, you will need some temporary no-parking signs for the parking and unloading of moving trucks.

Woman driving a car.
Public transport or driving – both are an option in Hoboken!

Relocating to Hoboken with a family and a dog

Hoboken is an incredibly dog-friendly city. Most bars and cafes that don’t serve food welcome dogs. There are many parks for dogs and pet shops so that you can easily take care of them. Since kids love them and they are usually inseparable parts of families, starting over in Hoboken with children and dogs together can be truly exciting. 

Relocating to Hoboken with a family and parents

Sometimes, you don’t only have to take care of your children, but your parents as well. If they are old and you wouldn’t like to leave them alone in another city, then the relocation can be challenging. A lot of elderly people love living in Hoboken. There are numerous places where they can spend time and enjoy meeting other senior citizens. It can be tough for the elderly to change the place of living, so they will need your support. One way to show them appreciation is to include them in most family activities, like walking with children in a park. 

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