Moving to Washington metropolitan area? 6 places to check out

Living in the capital always sounds like something special. After all, this is a center of events for a reason. Each metropolitan area in the US has its beauties, and each one is special in its own way. When choosing the right one for your new beginning it is essential to find exactly what you want. This is a great opportunity to adjust the living conditions to yourself and to make adequate preparations. You need to find strong reasons for relocation, because without them, after a while you will find yourself unhappy. Moving to Washington metropolitan area should be a decision you have well thought out before.

Named after the first president of the United States

Only doing research on Washington, the capital of the United States can be exciting, living there can be even more thrilling. It is one of the most visited cities in the U.S but it is not the most populated one. The interesting fact is that the District of Columbia is not a part of any state, but also is not a state itself. It is located in the mid-Atlantic region on the East Coast and its large area is divided into quadrants centered on the Capitol Building. More than one hundred neighborhoods will give you enough options and a large selection to find what is best for you. Moving to Washington metropolitan area can be the start of something new but like every other relocation, it will require your time and energy. It is not just about making a decision but about detailed planning.

Washinngton D.C
Life in the capital is beautiful

Part of something bigger

Before moving to Washington metropolitan area you have to know that this is part of the larger Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area and it also includes all of the federal districts. The important part of this area belongs to other U.S. states like the state of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. This should not be ignored. This will give you a great choice and there is no better scenario if you are moving. When you are able to choose between so many options and have a chance to find the right place for your future life, you are a lucky person. Regardless of your choice, Allstate Moving and Storage professionals will be there to help you move, just find your place. When moving to Washington metropolitan area there are 6 places you need to check out, regions in which you can find your new place and still be in touch with the location:

  • Northwest of Washington, D.C
  • Anacostia in the Southeast of D.C
  • Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia
  • Central Baltimore
  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Chambersburg
Arrows on the road
Choose your path

When moving, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Exploring the whole Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area will give you clear insight into what is on offer. Always consider more options, but focus on your needs and what is important for you.

The largest quadrant of the city

This quadrant is located north of the National Mall and west of North Capitol Street and it contains the central business district. Besides that, this is the location for the Federal Triangle, and on the other side, you can see many cultural institutions. This is a perfect place for finding a job, living an urban life and it will allow you personal growth. If you want t to achieve everything, you will need a checklist, a detailed one, like the ones you make when moving. Before you make a detailed moving list, pick a place. You can choose between 58 neighborhoods each of them famous for its specific location and attractions. In here you will come across many venues for concerts and other events and you can enjoy in view the National Cathedral and the White House on daily basis.

On the riverside

Southeast of Washington includes many landmarks. You already heard about Capitol Hill, the famous Navy Yard, the Anacostia River waterfront. There are many historical landmarks from different eras but you will also enjoy in beautiful colors of Nationals Park. Besides the Congressional Cemetery, it also contains a landmark “The Big Chair,”. One of the landmarks that stands out is the historical Anacostia neighborhood. It is the most famous neighborhood with a rich history. Nowadays, this is a center of notable industry facilities. Its inhabitants can enjoy many tourist attractions, spend their time in museums and galleries. Buying a home here comes with numerous benefits. When moving to Washington metropolitan area, this is one of the places you need to check.

Washington D.C
Life on the riverside is always special

Small but worthy

This small area of Virginia belongs to Washington metropolitan area and it can be a great place for new life. This is the fastest-growing region in terms of population and housing because it combines perfect living conditions. Moving in here With a small population, you can have all the privacy in here and you are a few miles away from the center of the hive. This small territory is bordering Maryland which is one of the most beautiful states, and Virginia full of possibilities on the other side, so if you move here, you will be on the crossroad. Wherever you go, you are on the gain.

Middle District

This Baltimore’s main commercial area and business district have become, nowadays, friendly when it comes to residential property. This part of the city includes shops and attractions, sports centers, a University complex, nightclubs, bars, restaurants. If you are looking for a new and exciting urban location, this is the place. One of the benefits of areas like this is that you can find any type of help you may need in the fastest way possible. Packing, transporting and relocation will be the easiest thing with the right people to help you out. All you need to do is to find your perfect location with a magnificent view.

Be the part of the hive

Mother of Presidents

A third of the population of the Commonwealth of Virginia lives in Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. This can be a splendid place for you if your plan is to move to Washington metropolitan area. Enjoy in the ocean and on the shore of many rivers and a humid subtropical climate that transitions to humid continental will make it more special. Forests and varied wildlife will be all around you, which sounds perfect if you are a natural person. When you want to have fun indoor, devote your time to the numerous cultural events.

One tiny part

Chambersburg is a borough in Franklin County and it belongs to Washington–Baltimore metropolitan area. This could be a perfect corner in this large central part. It is located in the valley but next to the Appalachian Mountains, with the mixture of humid continental and humid subtropical climate, Chambersburg can represent your new home. A developed economy will allow you to find your place live a fulfilled life. Have privacy but still have a great Washington metropolitan area at your fingertips.

It is not easy to find your place under the sun, even if your choice is large and great. It will require you to search, ask and check each segment. Moving to Washington metropolitan area is going to be like that but focus on yourself. Be realistic, and have an exact plan in your head. This way it will be much easier to find everything you wish for.

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