Packing tips for DIY relocation from New Jersey to California

Are you moving from New Jersey to California and prefer packing your belongings by yourself? Moving long-distance and to another state is overwhelming and you will have many things on your mind. But the sooner you make a plan and start packing, the easier and smoother the whole process will be. Here are some valuable packing tips for DIY relocation from New Jersey to California to help you protect your belongings and make the process more efficient.

Make a plan and get started

Once you have a chosen date for your move, establish a packing plan. Create an inventory of what you have, determine what items you want to bring and which ones to donate, sell or throw away. You will take a lot of pressure off packing if you start on time.

Evaluate all your items

Relocation is a great time to discard things you don’t want or need anymore. Go through each item and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. Pack only what you really need or like. Thus you will save your valuable time, energy, and space, and even earn some money.

Getting boxes

It is very important to pack your household belongings properly, label your boxes, and use the right packing materials in order to keep your items protected during the move.

Pack the decorative items first

Pack in bubble pack all paintings, framed photos, and other delicate items as they can easily break or scratch. Place them in smaller boxes so that they are not too heavy and overloaded.

Clothing and sports equipment

Out of season and sports clothing can be packed first. Wardrobe boxes are the easiest to pack because you only have to transfer the clothes on hangers from the closet to the box. For better protection, folded clothing should be placed in a plastic bag before you put them into the box.  If you don’t have enough space in your new home in California for your winter clothing and sports equipment, you may need additional space for your belongings. You can store your items short-term or long-term, and use them again whenever you decide.

A lot of packed cardboard moving boxes.
Come up with a good packing strategy.

 ” First-day” box

Don´t forget to pack a box that will contain everything that you will need when you first arrive at your new home, such as medicines, snacks, sheets, towels, soap, etc.

Now we will give you some packing tips on how to efficiently pack every room in your home.


Except for the sheets and blankets on the bed, most of the things in the room can be packed a month before the move.

A moving box with the word fragile on it.
Make sure you label all your boxes properly.

Living room

After emptying all drawers, disassemble your furniture as much as possible.  Then protect your furniture with fabrics before putting it into large boxes. The best thing for your household electric appliances, such as TV, computer, etc., would be to pack them in their original boxes. offers a wide range of services to welcome you to California and make your transition easier and stress-free.


Use smaller boxes as dishes and utensils are heavy. Put a plastic foam between the plates,  and more delicate dishes pack in bubble pack.


Start with personal hygiene items. Toss away everything that is overused and out of date. Pack your items in plastic bags and small boxes as they can easily tip over.

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