Places near Manchester that everyone should know about

There are plenty of places in New England that are worthy of knowing for their history, amenities, and tourist attractions. Still, not many people know about the hidden gem of Massachusetts – Manchester-by-the-Sea. Situated just 30 miles south of the City of Boston it’s bordered by the communities of Beverly, Hamilton, Wenham, Essex, and Gloucester. If you’ve ever been here you know that Manchester is paradise on Earth. Mostly known as a residential seaside community, places in Manchester are well-known for their beaches, yachts, and commercial fishing. Once you’re able to experience the charms of Manchester, you will never want to leave.

What Manchester is famous for

Originally named Manchester, in the 80′ the place was renamed Manchester-by-the-sea, to avoid confusion when it comes to other Manchester in New Hampshire. It is a magnificent coastal town, that gives you cozy vibes and yet, breaths sophistication and elegance. Started as a fishing village, Manchester-by-the-sea became a luxurious seaside resort. No wonder this place has drawn so much attention when walking on a Singing Beach the sand is actually singing! This natural phenomenon is just one of the reasons Manchester is famous.

Whether it comes to sailing, history, golfing, restaurants…this place outshines every other resort you’ve been to. There is so much here worth seeing, but when it comes to moving interstate for work or simply looking for a new great place to live, it’s good to get to know the area in advance. Manchester can give you some great options:

seaside resort in Manchester
Scenic places in Manchester are filled with amazing luxurious sea resorts

West Newbury

Originated as a farming town, West Newbury has managed to preserve most of the farmhouses and fields, giving the cozy country vibe just outside of Boston.  For a small town, it is one of the places in Manchester that has everything you can wish for, plus fast accessibility to the city. If you want the ocean and the mountains within the reach, relocating to West Newbury is a great idea. For the best moving experience, make sure to team up with teams nearby. By hiring local movers, you can always be sure to have reliable partners in the area that can help a lot.


Black cats, broom flight, and witches… ring a bell? Salem gained its reputation in the 17 century and it managed to remain an ongoing inspiration to many fiction and popular culture artists. But in reality, it is an amazing town to visit and live in. This Boston suburb has great schools, lots of young professionals, and a very diverse community of young and old in one place.


Episcopal church in Salem, MA
Salem is one of many places in the Manchester area with amazing architecture


In the heart of the North Shore lays Topsfield, a small town with plenty of recreational and outdoor possibilities. It is a typical New England town, rich with local history, amazing nature, and plenty of cute shops owned by locals. With healthy surroundings, a peaceful environment, and proximity to Boston, makes it a very popular place for retirees. Topsfield also has some of the best moving services in Manchester. You can be sure to settle in with experts’ assistance without having to worry about your items or being overcharged.


Hamilton is famous for its beautiful horse farms. The suburb is a perfect combination of great cozy community and proximity to every Essex amenities. It’s 20 minutes away from outstanding beaches and only 40 minutes away from downtown Boston. Living in Hamilton might be pricey, but still, this place is at least worth visiting if you have the chance.

Each of these places in Manchester can offer some great things to see and experience, but if you’re planning to move here from another state, you will see how special New England is and you will wonder why haven’t you done it sooner.

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