Places to consider when moving from New Jersey to California

California is a state where people from all over the country move for various reasons. Young people move for the amazing universities and job opportunities, people with children move because there are plenty of safe towns and amazing schools, and the elderly move to California in order to get some rest and enjoy the nice weather. There are hundreds of amazing towns in California to choose from which is why making this decision is going to be tough. Especially if you are moving from across the country, from New Jersey, and you are used to completely different surroundings. So, we wanted to try and help out a bit by writing about some of the best places to consider moving to when moving from New Jersey to California.


The first place is a special one. Irvine certainly has lots of good things to be said about it. It is located in Orange County which is by many considered to be the best county to live in. Irvine is not far away from the city of Los Angeles which is why it has been attracting a lot of attention from young people. A lot of young people from New Jersey are relocating to California in order to progress in their careers as Cali is the perfect place for that. And if planning on working in California, living in Irvine is a great idea.

It is a modern urban city but it is also a suburban city. It is a perfect mix of the two opposites which is why living here is very interesting. People of all ages move to Irvine as it is a place that has something for everyone. If you have children, they will certainly love living in this amazing town as it has lots of places where your children can have fun and learn new things while playing with other children. Moving cross country with children sounds scary but with the right assistance, it won’t be hard or stressful. Don’t let the fear of something bad happening stop you from moving to possibly a better place for you and your family.

Los Angeles at night.
Los Angeles is located not far away from Irvine.

If you are an elderly person looking for a peaceful town, Irvine certainly is it. It is a lively town with lots of happenings and young people but it is also peaceful. As a lot of young people live in Irvine, there are plenty of places such as clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, libraries, and plenty of other places you can go to and spend your free time.

Also, Irvine housing is amazing which is definitely a huge plus. If you do decide to relocate to Irvine, pros from the area can help make relocation easier. Even though you are moving from across the country, professional movers can make even this type of relocation easy to handle.

Make Huntington Beach your home when moving from New Jersey to California

If you are moving from New Jersey to California and you want to live in a coastal town, Huntington Beach is certainly a place to consider. And the reasons are endless. For starters, this is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the state of California. It is a small town near Irvine that has all you need. It has plenty of amazing housing options for you to choose from. You could live in a beach house if you have the money for it. Housing in Huntington Beach is amazing but it is more expensive than it is in most states.

People on the beach.
Living in a beach house is possible if you move to Huntington Beach.

If you are not familiar with the California real estate market, we are here to tell you some things you need to know. Housing in California costs a lot. You will certainly need a small fortune to afford a home in this area. And as that is the case, not everyone is able to afford to live here. Luckily, finding a well-paying job in this area is easy. There are plenty of places in Huntington Beach where you could work for a paycheck with which you can cover all the expenses you will have after moving from New Jersey to California.

Huntington Beach is amazing also because of the fact that it has plenty of parks where you can spend your free time. They are all very well maintained and clean. You can have a picnic here, ride a bike, or just sit on a bench reading a book. Huntington Beach is a very enjoyable city to live in as it has everything you need and more. And if you decide to relocate to Huntington Beach can assist. This is one of the best moving companies in California which is why you should certainly think about hiring them for your relocation.

Huntington Beach at night.
There are plenty of reasons to move to Huntington Beach.


You probably already know about Anaheim as it is where Disneyland is located. And just this fact alone makes many people decide to have a family move from NJ to Cali. Living near Disneyland is a dream come true for many children. It truly is one of the best places in the world for children to visit. But not only children, but grownups will also have lots of fun here. Disneyland is not the only place you can go to if living in Anaheim of course. It most definitely is why a lot of people come here but not the only reason why. There are plenty of tourists here all year round which creates a perfect setting for starting a business. This is a reason a lot of young people have for moving to Anaheim.

Anaheim is a beautiful city. A lot of effort has been invested into making it look nice and welcoming which is a huge advantage. Living in a lovely town that is also safe and has everything you need is nothing but a good thing. There are some cons of moving to Califonria from New Jersey but the pros outweigh them hence why if thinking about moving we say you should definitely go for it. And if you decide to move to one of these three cities, you might not even experience these cons.

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