Pros and cons of moving to Hoboken, NJ

There are pros and cons to almost anything. That the reason why, when moving, you have to consider all the possible aspects of all the things related to your move. You should know it all – from the benefits of short-term storage rental to reasons why you should or shouldn’t hire professional movers. And you should pay extra attention when deciding on your new place. So, if you’re considering Hoboken, NJ to be your new home, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these pros and cons of moving to Hoboken. Only then will you be able to make the right decision.

Pros and cons of moving to Hoboken, NJ

If you’re moving out of the place you don’t like, every location might seem great. But, if you’re moving out of the place you love, then every location will seem like not the right one. So, you need to know all the facts about your new location and see if it has what you need. You should ask the following questions:

  • Is your life going to get better there? – The most logical reason to move somewhere is that your life is going to be better there.
  • Is your new place accessible? – What is the infrastructure like, are there roads, highway, public transportation, airport?
  • What are the people like? – You want to live in a place with people who have similar interests.
  • What about a healthy environment? This topic has become more and more important since we all need healthy water, air, etc.
waterview of the city to illustrate moving to Hoboken
Hoboken is a lovely small NJ city

Pros for moving to Hoboken, NJ

We are lucky to say that there are numerous pros to moving to Hoboken. However, everyone seems to compare Manhattan with this NJ place. So, we will focus on some of these points, too. After reading them, you’ll want to contact professionals like Movers 101 NYC and come live here as soon as possible.

The food

You are going to enjoy the food in Hoboken. First of all, the choice is great, especially given the fact that this is not such a big city. And the best part is the price – it’s way lower than in NYC.

Pancakes with raspberries.
There is a number of great cuisines you can enjoy after moving to Hoboken


The prices in Hoboken are much lower than in NYC, in general, around 20 percent. If you keep your NYC job after moving to Hoboken, then you’ll really notice this difference. Who says that starting over in NJ after living in Brooklyn is bad?


First of all, you can walk anywhere in Hoboken. You don’t have to wait for transportation any longer. Also, you won’t have to use your car. But still, you’ll be able to reach downtown New York in about less than an hour, thanks to a good connection. Also, there are great local moving companies around.

The cons of moving to Hoboken

Still, there are some not-so-good-sides to living here, for some people at least. The most interesting part is that it’s literally the positive side at the same time, only from another perspective.

The food is delicious

How can that be something bad? Well, since it’s cheaper than in NYC, you might be tempted to eat outside too often. And while the food is delicious, it’s not necessarily healthy. So, you should be careful about what you eat.

It’s not Manhattan

When you get out of your apartment, you won’t see the typical New York street life. You won’t be within walking distance from great museums and theaters.

Give it a chance

There are pros and cons to moving to Hoboken. But, if you go past that and give this place a chance – you might fall in love with it and it might become your new home.

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