Things to do before movers arrive

Many people wait until the last minute before their movers arrive to do something and to organize their relocation in general. This is bad for so many reasons if you do this. First, you will be in a hectic atmosphere just before you have to relocate. Realizing that you haven’t even packed properly can be stressful and wasteful. Also, your movers can’t wait. They have to be at many places in a short period, and you’ll be wasting their time if you haven’t organized properly. But, what should you do before moving? This is what we are going to find out in this guide – Things to do before movers arrive. So, without further ado, let’s begin our preparations!

Organize your move

It would be best to start organizing your move weeks in advance. That way you will be sure that you have checked everything on your moving list. A day or two before your move isn’t enough to start organizing. You will find the same information in moving guides.

Moving checklist.
Create a moving checklist.


Take a paper and a pen and make a moving checklist. That way you will know beforehand what you have to do. There are many things you have to do before your movers arrive, and all of that stuff should be on your checklist. From hiring a moving company and renting a storage unit, to the list of all the stuff you are going to relocate, a moving checklist is essential when it comes to moving organization.

Gather some packing materials and pack

Every move requires packing, and no packing is possible without packing materials. Inside your checklist, you should put the stuff you are going to use as a packing material. Here is some of the stuff you are going to need for your packing:

  • boxes or plastic bins
  • protective materials such as plastic beans
  • sticky tape
  • sticky notes
  • a marker

This is not all, of course, it depends on the stuff you are going to relocate. So, gather some packing materials and start packing!

Now is the perfect time for decluttering

Things to do before movers arrive means decluttering.
One of the things to do before movers arrive is to declutter your home.

Almost every home is full of useless clutter laying around. Clutter is everywhere, but there are some places in which there is more clutter. We are thinking about basements and attics. When you start packing you will realize just how much clutter you have. This is why you have to separate the stuff you are going to transport to your new location from the stuff you won’t.

What to do with all of that clutter?

Have you thought about saving some money on your relocation? Well, there is a way! You can always sell some of your useless stuff by organizing a backyard sale. You will be amazed just how much money is someone willing to spend on something you don’t need. Alternatively, you can sell some of your stuff online.

Good luck!

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