Top 8 places in Florida according to New Jerseyans

Living in New Jersey is known for its great benefits and great opportunities. However, some New Jerseyans are looking to change their place of living and start in a new state. For this reason, we will present you the top 8 places in Florida that New Jerseyans love. The following 8 places are suitable for living and they offer great opportunities. It means that no matter which of the following places you are going to choose, be sure that you will adapt to it with ease and you will love your new place of living.

Top 8 places in Florida according to people from NJ

The Sunshine State is known as one of the most suitable and comfortable states for living. When it comes to the best places for New Jerseyans, you should consider the following:

  • Tampa.
  • Kendall.
  • Orlando is one of the top 8 places in Florida for New Jerseyans.
  • Miami.
  • Daytona Beach.
  • Coral Gables.
  • Jacksonville.
  • Pensacola.

All these places are different and specific in their own way. Some of them are also on the list of the Florida cities New Jersey seniors love.


Let’s start with Tampa as the first city among the top 8 places in Florida according to New Jerseyans. Known for the beach lifestyle, Tampa is also a suitable place for many things. In Tampa, you can find excellent real estate options, job opportunities, exciting outdoor activities, and many other benefits. Also, education is at a high level and there are amazing public schools. So, you just have to prepare for your upcoming relocation and handle stress when moving, in order to settle in Tampa in a simple way.

Tampa as one of the top 8 places in Florida where you can settle in.
Tampa is known for having great living benefits.


For New Jerseyans who are looking to live in a smaller area, Kendall is one of the options that you should definitely consider. Known as one of the places in Florida for New Jerseyans, Kendall has a population of over 77,000 people. Even if we are talking about a smaller area, Kendall offers great living opportunities. For example, the prices in Kendall are affordable, there are job options in Kendall and the nearby cities, etc. When we talk about some other benefits, you can settle in this place in a simple way. In other words, Kendall-based professionals can assist you and help you with your upcoming relocation process.

Orlando is one of the top 8 places in Florida for New Jerseyans

Known as a family-friendly place, Orlando is also one of the top 8 places in Florida for New Jerseyans. Orlando is known as a tourist place where families are enjoying their free time. It is important to mention that in Orlando, you can visit Disneyland and Hogwarts. So, you can have amazing outdoor activities with your family that you will absolutely enjoy, such as sports. If it is your first time relocating, you can use the simple moving guide for beginners and organize the process properly.


One of the most popular cities for living, not only in Florida but in the world is Miami. Known as the city for young people, Miami is also suitable for families and other generations who are looking to settle in a new place. In Miami, you can expect great business opportunities, real estate options, outdoor activities, warm weather, etc. Also, Miami is known for having reliable moving companies that can help you to settle in. Judging by the experience of professionals at, moving and storage services from reliable movers is the solution to all your relocation problems.

Miami is known as one of the most popular cities for living.

Daytona Beach

If you are looking to live on the beach, you should definitely consider the option of moving to Daytona Beach. This is another top place in Florida where you can settle in with ease and where you can expect amazing benefits. Always wanted to own a beach house? Well, you can find plenty of options in Daytona Beach. Remember that there are certain financial benefits to having a beach house in Florida. So, look for a suitable option for your budget and invest in this type of real estate.

Coral Gables

Near Miami, you can find an amazing place, Coral Gables. This place has a population of over 48,000 people. So, if you are looking to live in a peaceful place, Coral Gables is the right option for your needs. You will be located near Miami and you can always go to Miami whenever there is a need. Even if Coral Gables is smaller, there are still amazing benefits of living in this city. For instance, there are things to do in Coral Gables after moving from New Jersey.


With a population of over 954,000 people, Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida. Thanks to a huge population, Jacksonville is one of the top 8 places in Florida where you can settle in. In this city, you can find amazing job options, plenty of places to live, and great outdoor activities, and you can expect many other benefits.  Just do good research about your new place of living and make sure that you have the right option in front of you. Remember that it is important to know you’ve found the right apartment.

Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida.


Again, for beach lovers, Pensacola is one of the options that you should consider. This is another small place in Florida. Still, Pensacola offers great living benefits, and settling in this city will not be a problem. You can expect that you will find great options in the market and good job opportunities. Just think about when it is the best time of day to start your move, so you can organize the process properly.

New Jerseyans are choosing these top 8 places in Florida

In the end, you can see that these are the top 8 places in Florida according to New Jerseyans. So, the next step is to think wisely about which of these places is the most suitable for your lifestyle. As soon as you make a decision, organize the relocation process and settle in your new place with ease. After that, be open-minded and explore all opportunities that you can get from your new place of living!

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