Why millenials absolutely love Hoboken?

As one of the cities in the Garden State, Hoboken has always been drawing people in. Both the state and the city have that small town feel with the charm to mach. They share a common laid back feel and attitude and offer peace and quiet. At the same time they are just minutes from the Big Apple and Manhattan. Today they represent a mecca for millenials and hipsters. The city and milennialsĀ  seem to have achieved a sort of symbiosis. The city has a lot to offer to them while they are giving back, sparking its development and revival. There is an abundance of reasons why millenials absolutely love Hoboken so lets review.

Jersey and Hoboken

Located just across Manhattan Hoboken has one of the best views of NYC. Being at theĀ  stones throw, Hoboken offers a famous Manhattan view from the pears. At the same time it is a more laid back city with a historic and traditional architecture. It seems to present a more historical look of NYC even today. This proximity and a small town atmosphere has been drawing people in for years. Many tend to try and build their career in the city while retreating to Hoboken for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Hoboken renovated buildings are one of the reasons why millenials absolutely love Hoboken.
Hoboken is the mixture of new and old and is revitalized through its current development.

Lately Hoboken is targeted by milennials that have found it to be perfect for their needs. To be sure, millenials love absolutely everything about NYC and Manhattan but they are rented out from NY. To stay in the vicinity of the city they have started excepting alternatives like Hoboken. This is why acelinemoving.com is busy moving more and more people to Jersey. That way they have an opportunity to have the best of both world. While finding affordable housing in Hoboken they can still go on working or spending time in Manhattan from Jersey.

Why Hoboken?

In short there are a few key reasons millenials absolutely love Hoboken:

  • Location, location,
  • Walkability
  • Affordability,
  • Lifestyle (as a bonus point)


As pointed out before, the proximity of Manhattan is the main drawing point. You can easily chose one of the public transport options and be in Manhatan within minutes. Any millenial can spend every day working or having fun in NY and retrying to Hoboken in the evening. In addition if you are not going to the city you have a great pier view of Manhattan and a soothing walk along the waterfront.


The studies show that millenials tend to be drawn in by walkable, traffic free cities. The walkability factor seems to be key. Millennials tend to prefer urban locations with all the amenities in walking distanceĀ  eliminating the need for commuting. Housing, entertainment, work, social life in Hoboken is all within walking distance. The longest commute around the city can be half an hour and not more

New York from the pier.
View and proximity of NYC is one of the reasons millenials flock to Hobokenen


Hoboken offers reasonable housing prices. Both homeowners or renters can easily afford their accommodation. Affordable rent is the main reason why millenials are leaving NYC and moving to any part of NJ, usually landing in Hoboken NJ.


An added bonus that is drawing millennials in is the lifestyle. Hoboken laid back lifestyle is something you must experience. Small town feel in Hoboken is wrapped in a relatively big city that has history and heritage to lean on. As such it is also a mecca for hipsters and all of the quality they have to bring in. This is the reason why Hoboken is revitalizing and drawing in more of those that want to experience such a lifestyle.

So, these are just some key points about why millenials absolutely love Hoboken. The list is endless so try researching all of the points that make Hoboken perfect for milennialls.

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